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Thank You for Booking with Me!
I am looking forward to working with you soon.

Prior to your first appointment, please fill out the appropriate patient packet, below. I encourage you to print and fill it out at your convenience and bring it with you to your appointment. If you forget, I have copies available at the office.

Your privacy is important to me! Although you are welcomed to contact me using encrypted email, talking by phone still remains the most secure way to discuss your health. However, as the fastest way to me is currently email, you may opt to email me your phone number with a request that I call you.

Please refrain from wearing perfume and other fragrances during your appointments, for my benefit and for that of patients seen after you. Notify me in advance if you are particularly fragrance or chemical sensitive; every effort will be made to accommodate you. All LTA fabrics and practitioner clothing are laundered in free and clear products.

Acupuncture Patient Intake Packet
To be filled out by all acupuncture patients.

Did you know that I offer medical qigong, too?
Yep. Less time, less money, no needles.

Informed Consent for Medical Qigong Therapy
To be filled out by all medical qigong patients.

Privacy Notice
Print only if you want a copy for yourself.